Research Areas

Research in the biomedical and life sciences at Rutgers has a long and distinguished history. From the breeding of the popular Rutgers "Big Boy" tomato to the discovery of the important antibiotics actinomycin A and streptomycin (for which Rutgers professor Selman Waksman received the Nobel Prize), excellence has characterized biological research at Rutgers. The collaborative research community at Rutgers fosters new discoveries in a wide range of disciplines, from gene expression to developmental biology, from protein structure to virology, from drug design to human genetics.


Major Research Interests of Our Faculty

Biochemistry genomics neurobiology
cancer biology immunology pharmacology
cell biology



Computational Biology



developmental biology

molecular genetics

stem cells

drug discovery

molecular medicine


Research Organisms

Bacteria Drosophila Cell lines
Zebrafish Humans
C. elegans Mice Plants