Belden, William J

William J. Belden
Associate Professor
Rutgers University
Department of Animal Sciences
School of Environmental & Biological Sciences
Foran Hall, Room 326
59 Dudley Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8525
(848) 932-5617
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Chromatin-remodeling, Circadian rhythms, Non-coding RNA

The research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular aspects of chromatin-remodeling and circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms control developmental, behavioral and physiological processes by regulating gene expression on a daily basis. Chromatin-remodeling is an integral part of transcriptional regulation and is proving to be one of the major determinants required for the proper timing and amplitude of clock-gene expression. Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying transcriptional regulation and chromatin-remodeling in clock-regulated gene expression is paramount to understanding the progression of numerous diseases including cancer. My lab uses the highly-tractable model eukaryote Neurospora crassa in combination with biochemical, genetic and genome-wide studies to understand the molecular mechanisms of chromatin-remodeling in clock function.