Ebright, Richard

Richard H. Ebright
Rutgers University
Department of Chemistry
Waksman Institute -Busch Campus
Piscataway, NJ 08854
(848) 445-5179
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Bacterial transcription complexes: structure, mechanism, and regulation.  Antituberculosis and antibacterial drug discovery

Transcription--the synthesis of an RNA copy of genetic information in DNA--is the first step in gene expression and is the step at which most regulation of gene expression occurs.

Our laboratory seeks to understand structures, mechanisms, and regulation of bacterial transcription complexes and to identify, characterize, and develop small-molecule inhibitors of bacterial transcription for application as antituberculosis agents and broad-spectrum antibacterial agents.

Our work on structure and mechanism employs a range of structural-biology, chemical-biology, and biophysical techniques, including x-ray crystallography, photocrosslinking, ensemble fluorescence spectroscopy, single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, and single-molecule nanomanipulation. Our work on drug discovery involves high-throughput screening, lead identification, lead characterization and lead optimization.