Barr, Maureen

Maureen M. Barr
Rutgers University
Department of Genetics
Life Sciences Building, Room 324
Piscataway. NJ 08854
(848) 445-1639
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Cilia cell biology, sensory behaviors, and modeling human genetic diseases in C. elegans

Modeling human genetic diseases in C. elegans. The Barr laboratory is interested two seemingly unrelated questions in biology: the generation of sexual identity and the molecular basis of human genetic diseases of cilia. In particular, we study male mating behavior and ciliary specialization in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. My laboratory currently uses several approaches to study animal physiology and behavior, including dissection of neural circuits, the identification of genes required for nervous system development and function, and in vivo imaging of neuronal protein trafficking. Chemical genetics and electrophysiology are being explored.