Kerkhof, Lee


Lee Kerkhof
Rutgers University
Department of Marine Sciences
School of Environmental & Biological Sciences
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
71 Dudley Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8521
(848) 932-3419
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Marine microbiology, molecular ecology, microbial population dynamics

Dr. Kerkhof's expertise is using molecular approaches to study the microbial ecology in a variety of systems. His interests include the development of new techniques for genetic analysis of marine and non-marine bacteria. The particular microbial groups he is studying include denitrifiers, nitrifiers, sulfate reducers, and Archaea. Dr. Kerkhof has recently been working at the Long-term Ecosystem Observatory (LEO-15) site off the New Jersey coast to elucidate specific linkages between bacteria and specific phytoplankton during blooms in the coastal ocean. Furthermore, he is currently establishing a microbial observatory in the Mid-Atlantic Bight system including quantitative information on the specific bacteria and phytoplankton which are active and relevant in the LEO-15 study area.