Babwah, Andy V


Andy V. Babwah
Associate Professor

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Department of Pediatrics
Child Health Institute of New Jersey
89 French Street, Room 4275
New Brunswick, NJ  08901
(732) 235-9333
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Reproduction, fertility, pregnancy, brain, uterus, embryo implantation, placenta

Dr. Babwah's studies have led to an in-depth understanding of how the kisspeptin receptor regulates fertility, centrally at the level of the hypothalamus and peripherally at the level of the uterus and placenta. Through his studies, he aims to better understand the pathogenesis of pubertal disorders, female infertility and early pregnancy loss and thereby advance the clinical treatment and care of women and children. He conducts his studies on novel genetically-modified mouse models of human infertility and biopsies from the reproductive tract of fertile and infertile women.