Bhattacharya, Moshmi

Moshmi Bhattacharya
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Child Health Institute of New Jersey
Room 3268
89 French Street
New Brunswick, NJ, 08901
(732) 235-3438
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Molecular oncology, metastasis, metabolism, breast cancer, liver cancer, receptor signal transduction

Dr. Bhattacharya's research focuses on understanding the molecular basis of cancer, with emphasis on signal transduction mechanisms downstream of G protein coupled receptors that regulate breast and liver cancer metastasis and metabolism. Tumors display altered cell metabolism which enable them to survive and spread from the primary site. These metabolic adaptions are unique to cancer cells and represent promising drug targets. The goal of her research program is to identify new mechanism-based therapies to treat cancer. These multidisciplinary studies are conducted using in vitro and 3-D culture models, primary cells, clinical samples and xenograft animal models.