Molecular Biosciences
Gyan Bhanot

Gyan Bhanot

Rutgers University
Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry & Physics
271 Hill Center, BioMaPS Institute
610 Taylor Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
(848) 445-0091

Computational biology, evolutionary genetics

My lab is focussed on two research areas. The first is computational biology related to cancer. Specifically, we are using microarray, mass spec and SNP polymorphism data to identify, quantify and explain cancer initiation, progression, and metastasis. The goal is to develop protocols for clinical use, participate in clinical trials and identify therapeutic strategies. This research involves collaborations with local clinicians and researchers at BME, CINJ, UMDNJ, CABM and BioMaPS as well as collaborators from the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Broad Institute, IBM Research, Tokyo Gerontological Institute and Boston University.

My second focus area is Evolutionary Genetics including human migration, phylogeny, disease association studies and patterns of mutations correlated with longevity and complex disease phenotypes.

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