Molecular Biosciences
Amale Laouar

Amale Laouar
Assistant Professor

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Dept of Surgery
Child Health Institute
4th Floor, office # 4276
89 French Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
FAX - 9333

Gut immunity, innate cells, lymphocyte differentiation, gut microbiome, gut diseases 

Ravages of gastrointestinal diseases are too often witnessed on the infant and elderly populations. In fact, even if the child or elderly person is healthy, no other system in their body is subject to so many problems as the gastrointestinal system. The mission of my laboratory is to advance scientific knowledge of childhood and aging diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. My research team will try to answer fundamental questions of the gut mucosal immunity as it relates to inflammation, tolerance, infection, and cancer. We intend also to translate the outcomes into new approaches to treatment and prevention, and ultimately offering hope to elderly people and parents of infants and children who are afflicted by these illnesses.

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