Program Description

Students in the Rutgers Graduate Programs in Molecular Biosciences have the opportunity to conduct thesis research in laboratories affiliated with multiple departments and institutes at Rutgers University. Applicants apply to one of five degree-granting programs in the biomedical and life sciences. Upon admission to any one of the five programs, students receive fellowship support for a full year during which they take a comprehensive first-year curriculum and conduct research rotations in three laboratories of their choice. Faculty advisors mentor students through the rotation process while the curriculum offers multiple opportunities for students to build community, develop essential skills for success as a scientist and learn to work in interdisciplinary teams. By the end of the spring semester, students identify a laboratory in which to conduct their PhD thesis research and select one of the five degree-granting programs to guide their training after the first year.

Participating Programs

Biochemistry (16-115)

Cell and Developmental Biology (16-148)

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology (16-718)

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (16-681)

Physiology and Integrative Biology (16-761)