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Credit Requirements

PhD Curriculum - Credit Requirements

A minimum of 72 total credits is required for the PhD degree. This includes a minimum of 34 credits of formal course work and a minimum of 24 credits of advanced research. Most students make up the difference between the required course and research credits and the minimum total required credits (72-34-24 = 14 credits) with with additional advanced research credits. The 6 credits of lab rotations taken in the first year by entry level students can be used to reach the 72 credit total but they are neither counted toward the course credit nor research credit minimums.

For information on the Cancer Biology Concentration within the Pharmacology program, please click here.

Students who transfer into the Pharmacology program with advanced standing can transfer up to 12 credits of graduate level courses from their previous academic institution.

All required courses must be passed with a grade of B or better. Required courses in which a grade below B has been received must be repeated in order to achieve a B, unless the Executive Committee of the Pharmacology Graduate Program approves other remediation.

A minimum overall Grade Point Average of 3.0 must be maintained. Should a student's GPA fall below 3.0, one additional year of course work will be permitted to allow improvement unless the Executive Committee of the Pharmacology Graduate Program approves other remediation. The entire Doctoral Program must be completed in no more than seven years.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION: All courses taken by each student in the Pharmacology graduate program must satisfy requirements of the program and/or compliment the student’s program of independent research. Therefore, course selections should be made in consultation with the student’s research advisors.

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