The Graduate Program expects a culture of mutual respect between students and faculty members and that this includes excellent communication among them. In particular, students must allow sufficient time for faculty members to review and assess their work and faculty members must be as prompt as circumstances allow in responding to their students with such assessments.

As a general rule, material should be submitted by the student at least two weeks before an examination or other deadline and at least two weeks, but not more than four weeks, should be allowed the faculty member for informing students of the assessment. Exceptions, to this rule might include end-of-semester “crunch”, students or faculty members in the field without good access to the internet, and medical incapacity.

It is the responsibility of advisors and students to keep committees informed and engaged throughout the process of the student’s research and to ensure that the committee is given adequate time to assess the final product before it is defended. For example, students should alert faculty members to their intention to submit work at a certain time and faculty members should indicate their expectations for the timing of their responses.