Courses available to graduate students in Molecular Biosciences. Some courses are required of all students, including the first year core curriculum. For specific program requirements after the first year and availability of courses, students are advised to consult with the program directors as not all courses are offered every year! In addition, students are strongly encouraged to select courses from a range of programs in order to meet their personal training goals. Note that students are not limited to taking courses in the program in which they are enrolled! (see NOTE below explaining program names and numbers!)

Second year and beyond

The courses listed below are available to ALL students in Molecular Biosciences As noted, some programs require specific courses.  Consult program websites or GPDs!

Description Course Title Semester / Course Number Credits
A statistics course is required. Select one from the following list.  A total of 3 credits must be taken.  
Statistics Statistics in Biomedical Sciences   (also offered in Summer) F 16:115:557       3
Interdisciplinary Biostatistics Research Training F 16:125:578 3
Statistical Training for Research Workers F 16:960:501 3
Description Course Title Semester / Course Number Credits
3 Credit Courses Biophysical Chemistry I F  16:160:537 (required for Biochemistry)3 3
Human Genetics F 16:681:535 (fulfills requirement for MMG) 3
Microbial Life F 16:682:501 (fulfills requirement for MMG) 3
Principles of Drug Action & Targeting F 16:718:680  (required for CMP) 3
Molecular Regulation of Neurogenesis  (not offered each year) F 16:710:544 3
Physiologic Basis of Diseases F 16:761:600 (fulfills requirement for PIB) 3
Computational Genomics F 16:761:505 3
Bioinformatics F 16:765:585  3
Regression Analysis F 16:960;563 3
Advanced Topics in Immunology F 16:681:643  (fulfills requirement for MMG) 3
Molecular Basis of Physiology S 16:761:580  (fulfills requirement for PIB) Not offered in 2021 4
General Biochemistry S 16:115:504 3
Current Concepts in Immunology F 16:681:543 3
Genomics in Cancer Therapeutics (even years) S 16:718:603 3
Biological, Biomedical and Social Aspects of Aging S 16:761:610 3
Description Course Title Semester / Course Number Credits
2 Credit Courses * Signal Transduction F 16:718:575 2
* Hormones and Their Receptors F 16:718:581 2
* Genetics in Pharmacology F 16:718:601 2
Seminar in Human Genetics S 16:681:682 2
* Molecular Response to Therapeutic DNA Damage S 16:718:584 2
* Cancer Pharmacology S 16:718:600 2
* Drug-Target Interactions (Chromatin and Chromosomes) S 16:718:605 2
Teaching of Microbiology S 16:681:606 2
 Description  Course Title Semester / Course Number Credits
1 Credit Courses Special Topics in Molecular Biology F/S 16:681:605 1
Seminar in Cell & Developmental Biology F 16:148:598 1
Seminar on Chromatin and Gene Expression S 16:681:685 1
Seminar in Biochemistry F/S 16:115:613/614 1
Topics in the Translation of Research to Medicine F 16:681:671 1
Topics in Molecular Medicine F 16:681:681 1
Molecular Bioscience Minicourses S 16:695:621-638 (specific minis may only be taken once!) 1
Grant Writing Course F/S 16:681:601 1
  * Graduate Student Research Seminar   0
  NOTE: Program #'s are: 115-Biochemistry, 148-CDB, 681-MMG, 718-CMP, 761-PIB TOTAL MINIMUM COURSE CREDITS 32


* Students in CMP must take four, 2 credit courses from those (*) listed as 16:718, but 718 courses are open to students in ALL programs.

 *The Graduate Student Research Seminar is required every semester.  Students must attend in the first year and present in subsequent years