Elizabeth Snyder
Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Animal Science
Phone: 1.8489326377
Email: mailto:elizabeth.snyder@rutgers.edu
Rutgers University
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Foran Hall, Room 532
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Key Words: Structural and nucleotide-level RNA variants, proteome composition, cellular development

Dr. Snyder uses cutting-edge genetic models combined with computational and molecular technologies (e.g., CRISPR/Cas mediated genome editing and RNA sequencing) to study the influence of RNA binding proteins on the germ cell RNA pool and its impact on male fertility. Information gained from her studies has produced novel insights into mechanisms governing RNA modification, storage, and translation – tight regulation of which is required for male germ cell development. To date, her work has expanded our understanding of RNA regulation mechanisms. At Rutgers, with support from her NIH New Investigator Award, Beth will continue to study germ cell development and potential causative factors of human male infertility.