• Gaetan Barbet
  • Gaetan Barbet
  • Assistant Professor
  • Department: Department of Pediatrics
  • Phone: 1.7322350608
  • Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • The Child Health Institute of NJ, Rm 4274
  • 89 French Street, Room 4220
  • New Brunswick, NJ 08903
  • Key Words: Mucosal Immunity, Antibody production, Calcium signaling, Response to pathogens and cell death

The Barbet laboratory studies the biology of mononuclear phagocytes such as monocytes, dendritic cells and macrophages. At the intracellular level, the laboratory is interested in the calcium homeostasis and how this second messenger is involved in the sensing of the environment of mononuclear phagocytes. The laboratory is investigating the calcium signal in the context of pathogens recognition but also in response to cell death.  At mucosal surfaces such in the lungs or the intestines, we are exploring how mononuclear phagocytes orchestrate the immune response to either promote either an efficient adaptive response (including antibody production) or tissue repair.