• Casimir A. Kulikowski
  • Casimir A. Kulikowski
  • Board of Governors Professor
  • Department: Department of Computer Science
  • Phone: 1.8484452006
  • Rutgers University
  • Hill Center - Busch Campus
  • Piscataway, NJ 08854
  • Key Words: Intelligent systems and machine learning in molecular biology

My major areas of research are artificial intelligence, biomedical and health informatics, and the societal impact of computers, especially in health and historical analysis. In biomedical and health informatics I am working on models for representing underlying knowledge in clinical records and guidelines, on methods of medical clinical support, biomedical imaging and predictive data mining, and on the history of biomedical and health informatics. In artificial intelligence, my concentration is on pattern recognition, clustering, expert problem solving and knowledge representation, and visual reasoning. In imaging it is on clustering and segmentation in large scale image sets. On societal impact, I am investigating the effects of computer technology on medical practice, biomedical research, bioethics, and the history of informatics.