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  • Gaetano T. Montelione
  • Distinguished Professor
  • Department: Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
  • Phone: 1.8484459868
  • Email: gtm@rutgers.edu
  • Jerome and Lorraine Aresty Chair
  • Rutgers University
  • CABM, Room 014A
  • 679 Hoes Lane
  • Piscataway, NJ 08854
  • Key Words: Computational NMR, hybrid methods of structure analysis, structural bioinformatics, molecular recognition, allosteric aspects of proteins and protein complexes, drug design, cancer biology, structural biology of influenza virus
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Gaetano Montelione is an internationally recognized expert and innovator in the fields of computational protein NMR and structural bioinformatics. Montelione carried out pioneering work on NMR pulse sequence development, including the design of the first triple-resonance protein NMR experiments with G. Wagner, as well as subsequent development of HCCcoNH-TOCSY and other widely-used NMR experiments. This research lead the Montelione group to develop software and protocols for automated analysis of protein resonance assignments and structures. The resulting technology platform has provided the basis for many key contributions to structural proteomics research, including development of hybrid methods for protein and nucleic acid structure analysis combining NMR, X-ray crystallography, small angle X-ray scattering, and computational modeling. Using these technologies, the Montelione group makes contributions to elucidating the structural basis by which influenza viruses suppress host innate immune response, in structure-function studies of oncogenes and tumor suppressors, and in several areas of structural bioinformatics including de novo protein design.

Montelione has also successfully lead community-wide efforts to standardize metrics and methods for biomolecular NMR structure validation. He serves on several academic and commercial structural biology advisory panels. His hobbies include backpacking, snowshoeing, and hiking. Montelione teaches a Byrne freshman seminar class in “Astrobiology: Biogenesis Outside of Earth?”