• Kenneth H. McKeever
  • Kenneth H. McKeever
  • Professor
  • Department: Department of Animal Sciences
  • Phone: 1.8489329390
  • Rutgers University
  • School of Environmental & Biological Sciences
  • Bartlett Hall
  • New Brunswick, NJ 08903
  • Key Words: Comparative exercise and cardiovascular physiology

On a basic level, my research has focused on comparative exercise and cardiovascular physiology with a particular interest in baroreceptor function and renal and neuroendocrine control of blood pressure, blood volume, and fluid and electrolyte balance. On an applied level, my research has focused on the effects of ergogenic (performance-enhancing) practices on the physiological responses of the equine athlete. Research in the lab is focused on basic physiology of the equine athlete . Our mission is not to cure sick horses, but rather to enhance our understanding of the equine athlete and the physiology of prevent problems before they occur. There are many similarities between horses and humans and we are also using the horse as a model to study the effects of aging on a variety of physiological systems. Ultimately our goal is to provide information for horse owners around the world and to find new ways to make happier, healthier, horses.