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Elizabeth Snyder
Assistant Professor
Department: Department of Animal Science
Phone: 1.8489326377
Email: elizabeth.snyder@rutgers.edu
Rutgers University
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Foran Hall, Room 532
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Key Words: Structural and nucleotide-level RNA variants, proteome composition, cellular development

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Gleb Shumyatsky
Associate Professor
Department: Department of Genetics
Phone: 1.8484451223
Email: gleb@dls.rutgers.edu
Rutgers University
Life Sciences Building. Room 322
145 Bevier Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Key Words: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of learning and memory

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Stephan K. Schwander
Associate Professor
Department: Department of Environmental & Community Medicine
Phone: 1.7322355405
Email: schwansk@sph.rutgers.edu
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
School of Public Health, Room 305
683 Hoes Lane
Piscataway. NJ 08854
Key Words: Human antimycobacterial immunity, human lung immunology during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and disease, effects of manufactured and engineered nanoparticles on antimycobacterial immunity in primary human cells and cell lines, effects of urban air pollution particulate matter on innate and adaptive antimycobacterial immune responses in human bronchoalveolar, blood, and respiratory epithelial cells

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Dipak Sarkar
Distinguished Professor
Department: Department of Animal Sciences
Phone: 1.8489321529
Email: dipak.sarkar@rutgers.edu
Director, Endocrine Program
Rutgers University
Endocrine Research Facility
67 Poultry Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8521
Key Words: Influences of stress and drug abuse on neuroendocrine and neuroimmune systems

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Federico Sesti
Department: Department of Neuroscience & Cell Biology
Phone: 1.7322354032
Email: sestife@rwjms.rutgers.edu
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
RWJMS Research Building, Room 156
683 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Key Words: Physiology, structure and function of potassium channels, role of potassium channels in causing disease
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