Vitamin D Regulates Calcium in Intestine Differently Than Previously Thought

Rutgers study could help better treat calcium malabsorption due to bariatric surgery and aging

Rutgers Researcher Uses Genomics and Gene Editing to Help Save Coral Reefs

A Rutgers researcher who seeks to save dying coral reefs will examine their genetic makeup to try to pinpoint the genes involved in coral bleaching caused by climate change.

Rutgers Advances Research and Medical Education in Partnership With the HUB

A new Rutgers Translational Research facility and a new Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School home will be cornerstones of the NJ Innovation & Technology HUB.

Bonnie Firestein Named AIMBE Fellow

Bonnie Firestein was named an American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) Fellow. As an AIMBE fellow, she is recognized as one of the top 2% of medical and biological engineers.

New Research Sheds Light on Causes of Reproductive Disorders, Infertility, Miscarriage, Birth Defects

Researchers at Rutgers University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Rockefeller University, and Cornell University are teaming up to examine how the processes that regulate gene expression and chromosome behaviors can lead to health issues, including cancer, birth defects, miscarriage, and infertility.

Rutgers Celebrates World-Renowned Geneticist Evelyn Witkin as She Turns 100

Waksman Institute names research lab to honor Witkin, a pioneer who opened pathways for women in the biological sciences

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Receives $25 Million Gift for Cancer Immunology and Metabolism Center of Excellence

A $25 million anonymous philanthropic gift to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey will provide groundbreaking support for the Cancer Immunology and Metabolism Center of Excellence.

Humble Pond Plant Duckweed May Help Researchers to Develop Better Crops

Rutgers-led study puts the spotlight back on the rapidly growing aquatic species

New Study Sheds Light on Origins of Life on Earth

A Rutgers-led team has discovered the structures of proteins that may be responsible for the origins of life in the primordial soup of ancient Earth.

Understanding "Chemo Brain" in Children

Understanding ‘Chemo Brain’ in Children: Researchers Secure $4.6 Million NIH Grant to Identify Those at Risk

Infant Antibiotic Exposure Can Affect Future Immune Responses Toward Allergies

Early life exposure to antibotics in utero and through mother’s milk disrupts beneficial gut bacteria, compromising T-cell development, Rutgers research shows

More Vitamin D May Improve Memory but Too Much May Slow Reaction Time

Rutgers-led study of post-menopausal women finds potential risks and benefits

Rutgers Awarded $5 Million Grant from NIH to Improve Access to COVID-19 Testing within Underserved and Vulnerable Communities

The award is part of the RADx Underserved Populations (RADx-UP) program in the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative

Discovery Could Help Slow Down Progression of Parkinson’s Disease

Rutgers collaborates with Scripps Research hoping to develop new drug treatment

Rutgers University Invited to Join Highly Competitive Global Scholars Program 2022

Industry-Academia Collaboration Aims to Advance Innovative Biomedical Research and Drug Discovery, Improve Patients’ Lives

Protein Data Bank at Rutgers Awarded $34.5 Million Grant

Data bank makes more than 150,000 3D biomolecular structures freely available to the public

Meet Lori Covey, Division Dean of Life Sciences

An interview with Lori Covey, Dean for the Division of Life Sciences