How a Rutgers Team Is Working to Crack the Coronavirus Code

State Researchers at Rutgers University might have found the key to fighting it.

New Study Sheds Light on Evolution of Photosynthesis

A Rutgers-led study sheds new light on the evolution of photosynthesis in plants and algae, which could help to improve crop production.

Seizures During Menstrual Cycle Linked to Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Study finds surprising connection in some women with genetic generalized epilepsy

Rutgers Cancer Institute Researchers Receive $2.3 Million to Combat Common Cancers

Funding supports investigation of cell metabolism and tumor development in common cancers

Why People Overuse Antibiotics

A Rutgers study examining global misuse of antibiotics highlights the need for physician and patient education

Symbiotic Bacteria In Root Cells May Be Key To Producing Better Crops, Rutgers Study Finds

Researchers say the microbiome of plants is important for plant cell development and nutrient supply.

Antibiotic Exposure in Children Under Age 2 Associated with Chronic Conditions

Children who take antibiotics early in life are at risk of combinations of health conditions, particularly when given multiple prescriptions, says Rutgers researcher

Understanding "Chemo Brain" in Children

Understanding ‘Chemo Brain’ in Children: Researchers Secure $4.6 Million NIH Grant to Identify Those at Risk

Studying Diverse Populations Can Boost Genetic Discovery, Curb Health Disparities

Most genetic studies include only people of primarily European descent

Scientists Discover Genes that Help Harmful Bacteria Thwart Treatment

Two genes may make staph infections resistant to copper, a powerful antibacterial agent

New Rutgers Saliva Test for Coronavirus Coming to Testing Site This Week

A new Rutgers coronavirus test based on a simple spit into a tube will come to a N.J. testing site this week

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Research Leader Elected as a Fellow to the American Association for Cancer Research Academy

Dr. Eileen White is one of 25 scientists from around the world to join the 2021 class of fellows

Vitamin D Regulates Calcium in Intestine Differently Than Previously Thought

Rutgers study could help better treat calcium malabsorption due to bariatric surgery and aging

Rutgers Researchers Identify the Origins of Metabolism

Scientists insert synthesized, primordial protein into living cells

“Microbial Noah’s Ark” Initiative Should Move to Next Phase, Study Finds

Rutgers-Led “Microbial Noah’s Ark” Should Move to Next Phase, Study Finds

Rutgers Scientists Discover New Role for Sensory Signals in the Brain

Findings could help lead to new treatments for Parkinson’s disease, psychiatric disorders

Rutgers Awarded $5 Million Grant from NIH to Improve Access to COVID-19 Testing within Underserved and Vulnerable Communities

The award is part of the RADx Underserved Populations (RADx-UP) program in the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative

Rutgers Fast-Tracks Clinical Trial for Drug Combination to Treat Coronavirus

Clinical trial for drug combination to treat coronavirus is fast-tracked by Rutgers

Antibiotics in Early Life Could Affect Brain Development

Exposure to antibiotics in utero or after birth could lead to brain disorders in later childhood

Eileen White Elected as a Member to the National Academy of Sciences

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey deputy director, chief scientific officer, and associate director for basic research Eileen White is one of 120 scientists recognized for achievements in original research.