Rutgers Alumnus Leads Charge to Find Cure for Diabetes

Aaron Kowalski is the first person living with type 1 diabetes to lead the world’s largest nonprofit funder of diabetes research

More Vitamin D May Improve Memory but Too Much May Slow Reaction Time

Rutgers-led study of post-menopausal women finds potential risks and benefits

Targeting Key Gene Could Help Lead to Down Syndrome Treatment

Rutgers-led team uses stem cell-based disease models to pinpoint gene linked to impaired memory in Down syndrome

New Study Sheds Light on Evolution of Photosynthesis

A Rutgers-led study sheds new light on the evolution of photosynthesis in plants and algae, which could help to improve crop production.

Seizures During Menstrual Cycle Linked to Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Study finds surprising connection in some women with genetic generalized epilepsy

Research Delivers New Hope for Epilepsy Patients

New diagnostic model can determine if patients will respond to treatment with 80 percent accuracy

Better Biosensor Technology Created for Stem Cells

Rutgers innovation may help guide treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases

Rutgers Advances Research and Medical Education in Partnership With the HUB

A new Rutgers Translational Research facility and a new Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School home will be cornerstones of the NJ Innovation & Technology HUB.

Inexpensive Saline Solution Can Improve Speed, Effectiveness of COVID-19 Testing

A readily accessible saline solution can safely store coronavirus samples, allowing for more effective testing and long-distance transport to labs, Rutgers researchers find

Protein Data Bank at Rutgers Awarded $34.5 Million Grant

Data bank makes more than 150,000 3D biomolecular structures freely available to the public

Humble Pond Plant Duckweed May Help Researchers to Develop Better Crops

Rutgers-led study puts the spotlight back on the rapidly growing aquatic species

Rutgers Fast-Tracks Clinical Trial for Drug Combination to Treat Coronavirus

Clinical trial for drug combination to treat coronavirus is fast-tracked by Rutgers

Rutgers Cancer Institute Researchers Receive $2.3 Million to Combat Common Cancers

Funding supports investigation of cell metabolism and tumor development in common cancers

Antibiotic Exposure in Children Under Age 2 Associated with Chronic Conditions

Children who take antibiotics early in life are at risk of combinations of health conditions, particularly when given multiple prescriptions, says Rutgers researcher

Scientists Discover Genes that Help Harmful Bacteria Thwart Treatment

Two genes may make staph infections resistant to copper, a powerful antibacterial agent

RWJBarnabas Health and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Break Ground on Jack and Sheryl Morris Cancer Center

The Jack and Sheryl Morris Cancer Center will house inpatient, outpatient and ancillary services, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories where research faculty can provide hands-on educational opportunities for students, and enable physician-scientists to translate scientific findings directly to patients.

“Microbial Noah’s Ark” Initiative Should Move to Next Phase, Study Finds

Rutgers-Led “Microbial Noah’s Ark” Should Move to Next Phase, Study Finds

New Technique Could Help Engineer Polluted Water Filter, Human Tissues

Rutgers-led team’s protein patterns look like flowers, trees, snowflakes

Two Rutgers Professors Elected Senior Members of the National Academy of Inventors

Jeffrey D. Laskin and Thomas Nosker among first to be honored for fostering innovation, mentoring tomorrow's inventors

Beneficial Bacteria Can Be Restored to C-Section Babies at Birth

Babies born by cesarean section don’t have the same healthy bacteria as those born vaginally, but a Rutgers-led study for the first time finds that these natural bacteria can be restored.