Alumni News

Mehul Vora

Mehul Vora is a Research Associate at the Waksman Institute at Rutgers University.

Amal Aly

Amal Aly is Cytogenetics Director at Quest Diagnostics, Teterboro, NJ.

Shan Wan

Shan Wan is a Senior Licensing Manager at Rutgers University.

Fei Wang

Fei Wang is a data scientist at Gartner.

Samantha Yost

Samantha Yost is a scientist at REGENXBIO Inc.

Steven Huhn

Steven Huhn is a Senior Scientist at Merck Research Laboratories.

Melinda Borrie

Melinda Borrie is a post doc at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Jason Schifano

Jason Schifano is a medical writer at Red Nucleus.

Mercedes Gyuricza

Mercedes Gyuricza is Post Doc Program Manager at the Jansson Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson.

Malavika Gupta

Malavika Gupta is a post doc at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Min Zou

Min Zou is Associate Research Scientist at Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Su Xu

Su Xu is Senior Research Investigator II at Amicus Pharmaceuticals.

Aishwarya Deshpande

Aishwarya Deshpande is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Yuanwang Pan

Yuanwang Pan is a post doc at the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, NYU Langone Medical Center.

Srinivas Annavarapu

Srinivas Annavarapu is Consultant of Health Economics & Outcomes at Humana.

Abby Hare-Harris

Abby Hare-Harris is a post doc at Geisinger Health System.

Andrew Nato

Andrew Nato is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University.

Chen Wang

Chen Wang is an intern at Novavax, Inc.

Po-Chien Chou

Po-Chien Chou is Technical Coordinator-HLA at St Judes Research Hospital.

Mansha Seth Pasricha

Mansha Seth Pasricha is a post doc and part time lecturer at Rutgers University.

Donglei Zhang

Donglei Zhang is a post doc at the University of Chicago.

Christal Lewis

Christal Lewis is a toxicologist at Avon.

Adenrele Gleason

Adenrele Gleason is a post doc at the NIH.

Hamidah Raduwan

Hamidah Raduwan is a research scientist at L2 Diagnostics.

Patricia Irizarry

Patricia Irizarry is a Director of Outreach and Assistant Professor at Rutgers University.

Huabing Li

Huabing Li is a Professor at Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.

Juan Collantes

Juan Collantes is a post doc at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Na Cai

Na Cai is a post doc at Merck Research Laboratories.

Anibal Soto-Cardalda

Anibal Soto-Cardalda is Senior Validation Scientist at ECHO Consulting Group at Amgen.

Elyse Rodgers-Vieira

Elyse Rodgers-Vieira is an IT Business Partner at BASF.