Alumni News

Yuanchao Zhang

Yuanchao Zhang is a post doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Hamidah Raduwan

Hamidah Raduwan is a research scientist at L2 Diagnostics.

Su Xu

Su Xu is Senior Research Investigator II at Amicus Pharmaceuticals.

Janice Thomas

Janice Thomas is Senior Scientist III at Merck Research Laboratories.

Elyse Rodgers-Vieira

Elyse Rodgers-Vieira is an IT Business Partner at BASF.

Pengling Sun

Pengling Sun is an Associate Director at Pfizer.

Leia Novak

Leia Novak is HIV/AIDS Scientific Program Manager at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Jonathan Gonzalez

Jonathan Gonzalez is Scientist II at the Pall Corporation.

Rui Ding

Rui Ding is a Research Associate at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ.

Daniel Stern Cardinale

Daniel Stern Cardinale is an assistant teaching professor at Rutgers University.

Christal Lewis

Christal Lewis is a toxicologist at Avon.

Vamsi Rani

Vamsi Rani is an associate at TerViva.

Andoria Tjondro

Andoria Tjondro is Regulatory Affairs Associate at MedPace.

Natallia Kalinava

Natallia Kalinava is a Research Scientist at Bristol Meyers Squibb.

Ina Nikolaeva

Ina Nokolaeva is a Senior Medical Writer at ClinicalThinking, a subsidiary of Nucleus Global.

Abby Hare-Harris

Abby Hare-Harris is a post doc at Geisinger Health System.

Pat Nosker

Pat Nosker is a Research Associate at Affinity Asset Advisors and Co-Creator at VeriCoin.

Kevin Bray

Kevin Bray is a scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

Jessica Teh

Jessica Teh is a research instructor at Thomas Jefferson University.

Chitra Narayanan

Chitra Narayanan is a post doc at INRS - Institut Armand-Frappier-Montreal.

Jared Sharp

Jared Sharp is a Senior Scientist at Patheon.

Falshruti Patel

Falshruti Patel is Director of Operations & Technical Services at Genosity.

Nicole Vega-Cotto

Nicole Vega-Cotto is an Education Specialist at Union County College.

Jeffry Cesario

Jeffry Cesario is Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Laboratories.

Maria Garavito

Maria Garavito is Director of Administration & Human Managment at CorporaciĆ³n Cultural y Deportiva del comercio, Colombia.

Patricia Irizarry

Patricia Irizarry is a Director of Outreach and Assistant Professor at Rutgers University.

Brian Gelfand

Brian Gelfand is a scientist at Beagle Bioscience.

Yongqiang Feng

Yongqiang Feng is Assistant Member at the St Judes Childrens Research Hospital.

Shivani Goel Makhija

Shivani Goel Makhija works in Regulatory Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline.

Melitza Crespo-Medina

Melitza Crespo-Medina is an Assistant Research Professor at Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.