Alumni News

Vamsi Rani

Vamsi Rani is an associate at TerViva.

Winder Perez

Winder Perez is a Senior Microbiologist at Stryker.

Daniel Stern Cardinale

Daniel Stern Cardinale is an assistant teaching professor at Rutgers University.

Divya Nandakumar

Divya Nandakumar is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Hanif Vahedian Movahed

Hanif Vahedian Movahed is a post doc at Harvard.

Christina Cardona

Christina Cardona is a Research Scientist at Androvia LifeSciences.

Nadine Soplop

Nadine Soplop is a Research Support Specialist in the Electron Microscopy Research Center at Rockefeller University.

William Manley

William Manley is a post doc at Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ.

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski is a Post-Doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Tanya Borsuk

Tonya Borsuk is Director of Business & Development Strategy at Celgene.

Ina Nikolaeva

Ina Nokolaeva is a Senior Medical Writer at ClinicalThinking, a subsidiary of Nucleus Global.

Jonathan Gonzalez

Jonathan Gonzalez is Scientist II at the Pall Corporation.

Kevin Bray

Kevin Bray is a scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

Jimin Zhang

Jimin Zhang is Senior Scientist at Insmed, Inc.

Yanique Rattigan-Brown

Yanique Rattigan-Brown is Medical Science Liaison for Hematology at AstraZeneca.

Hua Han

Hua Han is a software engineer at Google.

Myka Ababon

Myka Ababon has a job at Caudex as a Trainee Medical Writer.

Donglei Zhang

Donglei Zhang is a post doc at the University of Chicago.

Arjun Sasikumar

Arjun Sasikumar is a post doc at the Buck Institute on Aging.

Nicole Vega-Cotto

Nicole Vega-Cotto is an Education Specialist at Union County College.

Gongping Sun

Gongping Sun is a post doc at UCSB.

Shanique Edwards

Shanique Edwards is a post doc at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Jeffry Cesario

Jeffry Cesario is Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Laboratories.

Yee Mey Seah

Yee Mey Seah is a post doc at University of Washington.

Jon Brzezinksi

Jon Brzezinksi is working at Tiberend Strategic Advisors as an Account Executive.

Kelvin Caban

Kelvin Caban is Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University.

Natallia Kalinava

Natallia Kalinava is a Research Scientist at Bristol Meyers Squibb.

Ian Bezar

Ian Bezar is a post doc at Cornell University.

Yongqiang Feng

Yongqiang Feng is Assistant Member at the St Judes Childrens Research Hospital.

Minnkyong Lee

Minnkyong Lee is a Science Outreach & Community Outreach Specialist at NIH.