Alumni News

Xinxing Qiu

Xinxing Qiu is a Software Engineer at Google.

Yee Mey Seah

Yee Mey Seah is a post doc at University of Washington.

Melitza Crespo-Medina

Melitza Crespo-Medina is an Assistant Research Professor at Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.

Jeffry Cesario

Jeffry Cesario is Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Laboratories.

Fred Lozy

Fred Lozy is Staff Science Consultant at ChromaDex Spherix Consulting.

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres is an International Sales Specialist at USA Scientific.

Deanna De Vore

Deanna De Vore is a STEM Academy Biology Teacher at Passaic County Technical Institute.

Hua Han

Hua Han is a software engineer at Google.

Mi Zhou

Mi Zhou is a Research Associate/Biostatistician at UNC Chapel Hill.

Huanyu Jin

Huanyu Jin is Director of Business Development at ACM Global Laboratories

Su Xu

Su Xu is Senior Research Investigator II at Amicus Pharmaceuticals.

Joseph Moloughney

Joseph Moloughney is a scientist at Merck Research Laboratory.

Andoria Tjondro

Andoria Tjondro is Regulatory Affairs Associate at MedPace.

Andrew L'Huillier

Andrew L'Huillier is Director of Product Development at Americord Registry.

Estelle Ruidiaz

Estelle Ruidiaz is Scientific Director at RevHealth.

Katia Sutyak Noll

Katia Sutyak Noll is Director of Global Food Safety & Quality Risk Management at Subway.

Andrew Nato

Andrew Nato is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University.

Christal Lewis

Christal Lewis is a toxicologist at Avon.

Gillian Davis

Gillian Davis is Associate Research Scientist of Data Management at the Human Genetics Institute of NJ.

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski is a Post-Doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Janet Wangari-Talbot

Janet Wangari-Talbot is Manager, Clinical Innovations at L'Oreal.

Jose Planta

Jose Planta is a post doc at Michigan State University.

Francesca Rothenbacher

Francesca Rothenbacher is Scientific Director at RevHealth.

Monal Mehta

Monal Mehta is Senior Manager at Pfizer Oncology.

Munjin Kwon

Munjin Kwon is a Senior Scientist at Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Yi Ban

Yi Ban is a post doc at MSKCC/Weill Cornell/Rockefeller.

Fei Wang

Fei Wang is a data scientist at Gartner.

Chitra Narayanan

Chitra Narayanan is a post doc at INRS - Institut Armand-Frappier-Montreal.

Daniel Stern Cardinale

Daniel Stern Cardinale is an assistant teaching professor at Rutgers University.

Pragati Sharma

Pragati Sharma is a NIH-IRACDA Postdoctoral Fellow at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.