Alumni News

Binchen Mao

Binchen Mao is Senior Scientist at Crown Bioscience, Inc.

Anand Ramanathan

Anand Ramanathan is a Scientist at Syros Pharmaceuticals.

Chetan Rane

Chetan Rane is a Post-Doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Nicole Vega-Cotto

Nicole Vega-Cotto is an Education Specialist at Union County College.

Jennifer Defren

Jennifer Defren is a high school chemistry teacher.

Sameera Kongara

Sameera Kongara is a post doc at UCSF.

Jessica McCormick-Ell

Jessica McCormick-Ell is a Biosafety Officer at Rutgers University.

Aditi Dubey

Aditi Dubey is a post doc at NYU.

Kelvin Caban

Kelvin Caban is Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University.

Colleen Bilancia

Colleen Bilancia is a ABMGG Board Certified Clinical Cytogeneticist & Molecular Geneticist at Lineagen.

Winder Perez

Winder Perez is a Senior Microbiologist at Stryker.

Mehul Vora

Mehul Vora is a Research Associate at the Waksman Institute at Rutgers University.

Hanlin Tao

Hanlin Tao is a Research Scientist/Teaching Specialist at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Mito BioPharm.

Gongping Sun

Gongping Sun is a post doc at UCSB.

Andoria Tjondro

Andoria Tjondro is Regulatory Affairs Associate at MedPace.

Jean Parry

Jean Parry is an Assistant Professor at Georgian Court University.

Lizahira Rodriguez-Colon

Lizahira Rodriguez-Colon is an intern at Celgene.

John Campor

John Campor is Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Research Laboratories.

Divya Nandakumar

Divya Nandakumar is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Nicole Koribanics

Nicole Koribanics is a Lecturer at Essex County Community College.

Jesse Donovan

Jesse Donovan is a senior scientist at Gotham Therapeutics.

Namit Kumar

Namit Kumar is a post doc at Harvard University.

Po-Chien Chou

Po-Chien Chou is Technical Coordinator-HLA at St Judes Research Hospital.

Yanique Rattigan-Brown

Yanique Rattigan-Brown is Medical Science Liaison for Hematology at AstraZeneca.

Chen Liang

Chen Liang is a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group-BCG in Shanghai, China.

Yi Ban

Yi Ban is a post doc at MSKCC/Weill Cornell/Rockefeller.

Anbing Shi

Anbing Shi is a post doc at Stanford University.

Xilong Wu

Xilong Wu is Associate Business Development Manager at Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group in Shanghai.

Almin Lalani

Almin Lalani is a post doc at the National Cancer Institute.

Tanya Borsuk

Tonya Borsuk is Director of Business & Development Strategy at Celgene.