Alumni News

Tamjeed Saleh

Tamjeed Saleh is a Research Lab Specialist at St. Judes Research

Anbing Shi

Anbing Shi is a post doc at Stanford University.

Aditi Dubey

Aditi Dubey is a post doc at NYU.

Shivani Goel Makhija

Shivani Goel Makhija works in Regulatory Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline.

Anibal Soto-Cardalda

Anibal Soto-Cardalda is Senior Validation Scientist at ECHO Consulting Group at Amgen.

Donglei Zhang

Donglei Zhang is a post doc at the University of Chicago.

Hanif Vahedian Movahed

Hanif Vahedian Movahed is a post doc at Harvard.

Jose Planta

Jose Planta is a post doc at Michigan State University.

Christina Cardona

Christina Cardona is a Research Scientist at Androvia LifeSciences.

Arjun Sasikumar

Arjun Sasikumar is a post doc at the Buck Institute on Aging.

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres is an International Sales Specialist at USA Scientific.

Gongping Sun

Gongping Sun is a post doc at UCSB.

Gillian Davis

Gillian Davis is Associate Research Scientist of Data Management at the Human Genetics Institute of NJ.

Nadine Soplop

Nadine Soplop is a Research Support Specialist in the Electron Microscopy Research Center at Rockefeller University.

Abby Hare-Harris

Abby Hare-Harris is a post doc at Geisinger Health System.

Scott Goldman

Scott Goldman is Senior Program and Alliance Manager at Mersana Therapeutics.

Megha Shettigar

Megha Shettigar is a post doc at the Dana Farber Cancer Insitute at Harvard University.

Andoria Tjondro

Andoria Tjondro is Regulatory Affairs Associate at MedPace.

Mehul Vora

Mehul Vora is a Research Associate at the Waksman Institute at Rutgers University.

Mercedes Gyuricza

Mercedes Gyuricza is Post Doc Program Manager at the Jansson Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson.

Colleen Bilancia

Colleen Bilancia is a ABMGG Board Certified Clinical Cytogeneticist & Molecular Geneticist at Lineagen.

Ian Bezar

Ian Bezar is a post doc at Cornell University.

Estelle Ruidiaz

Estelle Ruidiaz is Scientific Director at RevHealth.

Leia Novak

Leia Novak is HIV/AIDS Scientific Program Manager at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Kangxin Jin

Kangxin Jin is an Associate Professor at Sun Yat-sen Univeristy Ophthalmic Center.

Janice Thomas

Janice Thomas is Senior Scientist III at Merck Research Laboratories.

Yan Yan

Yan Yan is Project Manager at SinoScript.

Sarah Misenko

Sarah Misenko is Investigator of BioAsset Management at GlaxoSmithKline, where she has also joined the Women Leaders Program.

John Campor

John Campor is Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Research Laboratories.

Gizem Uzunbas

Gizem Uzunbas is a post doc at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University.