Alumni News

Fred Lozy

Fred Lozy is Staff Science Consultant at ChromaDex Spherix Consulting.

Brian Gelfand

Brian Gelfand is a scientist at Beagle Bioscience.

Dharm Patel

Dharm Patel is Project Manager of Medical Strategy & Scientific Affairs at Leo Pharma.

Alexandra Nguyen

Alexandra Nguyen is a post doc at the Whitehead Institute at MIT.

Lisheng Zhou

Lisheng Zhou is  Bioinformaticist II at Mt. Sinai Health System.

Chitra Narayanan

Chitra Narayanan is a post doc at INRS - Institut Armand-Frappier-Montreal.

Xinxing Qiu

Xinxing Qiu is a Software Engineer at Google.

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski is a Post-Doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Chenchao Gao

Chenchao Gao is a Clinical Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Seattle Genetics.

Munjin Kwon

Munjin Kwon is a Senior Scientist at Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Rui Ding

Rui Ding is a Research Associate at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ.

Tina Franklin

Tina Franklin is a post doc at Yale University School of Medicine.

Lorenz Loyola

Lorenz Loyola is a medical writer at Wedgewood Communications.

Aishwarya Deshpande

Aishwarya Deshpande is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Ina Nikolaeva

Ina Nokolaeva is a Senior Medical Writer at ClinicalThinking, a subsidiary of Nucleus Global.

Christopher Mozdzierz

Christopher Mozdzierz is Director of Next-Generation Sequencing at Genewiz.

Yanique Rattigan-Brown

Yanique Rattigan-Brown is Medical Science Liaison for Hematology at AstraZeneca.

James Novak

James Novak is Principal Investigator at Children's National Health System.

Fei Wang

Fei Wang is a data scientist at Gartner.

Hsin-Yi Chen

Hsin-Yi Chen is a post doc at the Wistar Institute.

Jessica Fellmeth

Jessica Fellmeth is a post doc at Rutgers University.

Addi Fadel

Addi Fadel is Senior Director at Global Fine Fragrance Technologies & Business Development at Firmenich.

Shanique Edwards

Shanique Edwards is a post doc at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Eric Ho

Eric Ho is an Assistant Professor at Lafayette University.

Kevin Bray

Kevin Bray is a scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals.

Yan Yan

Yan Yan is Project Manager at SinoScript.

Jose Planta

Jose Planta is a post doc at Michigan State University.

Arjun Sasikumar

Arjun Sasikumar is a post doc at the Buck Institute on Aging.

Anibal Valentin-Acevedo

Anibal Valentin-Acevedo is an Assistant Professor at Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine.

Juan Collantes

Juan Collantes is a post doc at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.