Alumni News

Winder Perez

Winder Perez is a Senior Microbiologist at Stryker.

Yongqiang Feng

Yongqiang Feng is Assistant Member at the St Judes Childrens Research Hospital.

Sriram Aiyer

Sriram Aiyer is a post doc at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

Nicole Koribanics

Nicole Koribanics is a Lecturer at Essex County Community College.

Janet Wangari-Talbot

Janet Wangari-Talbot is Manager, Clinical Innovations at L'Oreal.

Anand Ramanathan

Anand Ramanathan is a Scientist at Syros Pharmaceuticals.

Eileen Oni

Eileen Oni will be working at the National Science Foundation as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the Directorate for Engineering, Division of Engineering Education and Centers with Broadening Participation in Engineering

Pengling Sun

Pengling Sun is an Associate Director at Pfizer.

Yan Yan

Yan Yan is Project Manager at SinoScript.

Addi Fadel

Addi Fadel is Senior Director at Global Fine Fragrance Technologies & Business Development at Firmenich.

Yuanwang Pan

Yuanwang Pan is a post doc at the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, NYU Langone Medical Center.

Hisako Masuda

Hisako Masuda is an Assistant Professor at Indiana University-Kokomo.

Eva Nelly Rubio

Eva Nelly Rubio is at Celgene as Scientist I.

Jessica McCormick-Ell

Jessica McCormick-Ell is a Biosafety Officer at Rutgers University.

Lisheng Zhou

Lisheng Zhou is  Bioinformaticist II at Mt. Sinai Health System.

Christal Lewis

Christal Lewis is a toxicologist at Avon.

Brian Gelfand

Brian Gelfand is a scientist at Beagle Bioscience.

Courtney Mezzacappa Zeni

Courtney Mezzacappa Zeni is Associate Medical Director at Noven Pharmaceuticals.

Sameera Kongara

Sameera Kongara is a post doc at UCSF.

Minnkyong Lee

Minnkyong Lee is a Science Outreach & Community Outreach Specialist at NIH.

Divya Nandakumar

Divya Nandakumar is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Kangxin Jin

Kangxin Jin is an Associate Professor at Sun Yat-sen Univeristy Ophthalmic Center.

Eve Reilly

Eve Reilly is an associate consultant at Cello Health BioConsulting.

Andrew Nato

Andrew Nato is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University.

Su Xu

Su Xu is Senior Research Investigator II at Amicus Pharmaceuticals.

Anirban Chakraborty

Anirban Chakraborty is a research scientist at Stanford University.

Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs is Manager of Microbiology Development at Troy Corporation.

Jesus Rosado-Lugo

Jesus Rosado-Lugo is a Research Scientist at TAXIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Lorenz Loyola

Lorenz Loyola is a medical writer at Wedgewood Communications.

Jing Lin

Jing Lin is a Scientist at Voyager Therapeutics.

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