Alumni News

Anibal Valentin-Acevedo

Anibal Valentin-Acevedo is an Assistant Professor at Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine.

Ina Nikolaeva

Ina Nokolaeva is a Senior Medical Writer at ClinicalThinking, a subsidiary of Nucleus Global.

Miao Chen

Miao Chen is a post doc at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Shan Wan

Shan Wan is a Senior Licensing Manager at Rutgers University.

Yan Yan

Yan Yan is Project Manager at SinoScript.

Yee Mey Seah

Yee Mey Seah is a post doc at University of Washington.

Tina Franklin

Tina Franklin is a post doc at Yale University School of Medicine.

Tiffany King

Tiffany King is a post doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Eileen Oni

Eileen Oni will be working at the National Science Foundation as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the Directorate for Engineering, Division of Engineering Education and Centers with Broadening Participation in Engineering

Yuanwang Pan

Yuanwang Pan is a post doc at the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, NYU Langone Medical Center.

Po-Chien Chou

Po-Chien Chou is Technical Coordinator-HLA at St Judes Research Hospital.

Su Xu

Su Xu is Senior Research Investigator II at Amicus Pharmaceuticals.

Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs is Manager of Microbiology Development at Troy Corporation.

Kelvin Caban

Kelvin Caban is Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University.

Michael Moreau

Michael Moreau is Director of Technology Development & Automation at Genosity.

Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez is Director of Research & Development at Signum Biosciences.

Maria Garavito

Maria Garavito is Director of Administration & Human Managment at CorporaciĆ³n Cultural y Deportiva del comercio, Colombia.

Frank Macabenta

Frank Macabenta is a post doc at Caltech.

David Goodrich

David Goodrich is a Program Manager at RUCDR Infinite Biologics.

Winder Perez

Winder Perez is a Senior Microbiologist at Stryker.

Monal Mehta

Monal Mehta is Senior Manager at Pfizer Oncology.

Chenchao Gao

Chenchao Gao is a Clinical Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Seattle Genetics.

Gongping Sun

Gongping Sun is a post doc at UCSB.

Jennifer Hurley

Jennifer Hurley is an Assistant Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Jeffry Cesario

Jeffry Cesario is Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Laboratories.

Jessica Fellmeth

Jessica Fellmeth is a post doc at Rutgers University.

Xilong Wu

Xilong Wu is Associate Business Development Manager at Jiangsu Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group in Shanghai.

Hamidah Raduwan

Hamidah Raduwan is a research scientist at L2 Diagnostics.

Eric Ho

Eric Ho is an Assistant Professor at Lafayette University.

Hua Han

Hua Han is a software engineer at Google.

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