Alumni News

James Novak

James Novak is Principal Investigator at Children's National Health System.

Chenchao Gao

Chenchao Gao is a Clinical Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Seattle Genetics.

Maryann Obiorah

Maryann Obiorah is Senior Medical Writer at Vaniam Group.

Jared Sharp

Jared Sharp is a Senior Scientist at Patheon.

Chitra Narayanan

Chitra Narayanan is a post doc at INRS - Institut Armand-Frappier-Montreal.

Rui Ding

Rui Ding is a Research Associate at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ.

Anbing Shi

Anbing Shi is a post doc at Stanford University.

Divya Nandakumar

Divya Nandakumar is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Gongping Sun

Gongping Sun is a post doc at UCSB.

Allen Alcivar

Allen Alcivar is Scientist II at Bristol Myers Squibb.

Frank Macabenta

Frank Macabenta is a post doc at Caltech.

William Manley

William Manley is a post doc at Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ.

Abhijit Ambegaonkar

Abhijit Ambegaonkar is a post doc at the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

Joseph Moloughney

Joseph Moloughney is a scientist at Merck Research Laboratory.

Maria Garavito

Maria Garavito is Director of Administration & Human Managment at CorporaciĆ³n Cultural y Deportiva del comercio, Colombia.

Namit Kumar

Namit Kumar is a post doc at Harvard University.

Jean Parry

Jean Parry is an Assistant Professor at Georgian Court University.

Aramis Villafane

Aramis Villafane is an Assistant Professor at University of Puerto Rico-Humacao.

Yulia Frenkel Pincus

Yulia Frenkel Pincus is Associate Director-North American Regulatory Liaison-Immunology at Johnson & Johnson.

Patricia Irizarry

Patricia Irizarry is a Director of Outreach and Assistant Professor at Rutgers University.

Courtney Mezzacappa Zeni

Courtney Mezzacappa Zeni is Associate Medical Director at Noven Pharmaceuticals.

Andoria Tjondro

Andoria Tjondro is Regulatory Affairs Associate at MedPace.

Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs is Manager of Microbiology Development at Troy Corporation.

Pengling Sun

Pengling Sun is an Associate Director at Pfizer.

Ines Rauschenbach

Ines Rauschenbach is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Rutgers University.

Hua Han

Hua Han is a software engineer at Google.

Jon Brzezinksi

Jon Brzezinksi is working at Tiberend Strategic Advisors as an Account Executive.

Almin Lalani

Almin Lalani is a post doc at the National Cancer Institute.

Chen Wang

Chen Wang is an intern at Novavax, Inc.

Janet Wangari-Talbot

Janet Wangari-Talbot is Manager, Clinical Innovations at L'Oreal.