Alumni News

Jon Brzezinksi

Jon Brzezinksi is working at Tiberend Strategic Advisors as an Account Executive.

Swaroopa Paratkar

Swaroopa Paratkar is an Associate Director at Merck.

Jeremy Raincrow

Jeremy Raincrow is an Associate Attorney at Wood Phillips.

Ines Rauschenbach

Ines Rauschenbach is an Assistant Teaching Professor at Rutgers University.

Andrew Nato

Andrew Nato is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University.

Lizahira Rodriguez-Colon

Lizahira Rodriguez-Colon is an intern at Celgene.

Eileen Oni

Eileen Oni will be working at the National Science Foundation as a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow in the Directorate for Engineering, Division of Engineering Education and Centers with Broadening Participation in Engineering

Haisong Jiang

Haisong Jiang is a post doc at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Daniel Stern Cardinale

Daniel Stern Cardinale is an assistant teaching professor at Rutgers University.

Patricia Irizarry

Patricia Irizarry is a Director of Outreach and Assistant Professor at Rutgers University.

Nicole Koribanics

Nicole Koribanics is a Lecturer at Essex County Community College.

Ian Bezar

Ian Bezar is a post doc at Cornell University.

Sriram Aiyer

Sriram Aiyer is a post doc at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs is Manager of Microbiology Development at Troy Corporation.

Eric Ho

Eric Ho is an Assistant Professor at Lafayette University.

Namit Kumar

Namit Kumar is a post doc at Harvard University.

Yee Mey Seah

Yee Mey Seah is a post doc at University of Washington.

Binchen Mao

Binchen Mao is Senior Scientist at Crown Bioscience, Inc.

Hanif Vahedian Movahed

Hanif Vahedian Movahed is a post doc at Harvard.

Alexandra Walczak

Alexandra Walczak is the Supervisory Laboratory Operations Coordinator at Rutgers Divison of Life Sciences.

Aishwarya Deshpande

Aishwarya Deshpande is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres is an International Sales Specialist at USA Scientific.

Lisheng Zhou

Lisheng Zhou is  Bioinformaticist II at Mt. Sinai Health System.

Kelvin Caban

Kelvin Caban is Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University.

James Novak

James Novak is Principal Investigator at Children's National Health System.

Prakhar Mishra

Prakhar Mishra is an Associate Scientist at Smithers Pharmaceutical Developmental Services.

Eric Huselid

Eric Huselid is a post doc at Rutgers University.

Kwang Hwei Low

Kwang Hwei Low is a post doc at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Anibal Valentin-Acevedo

Anibal Valentin-Acevedo is an Assistant Professor at Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine.

David Goodrich

David Goodrich is a Program Manager at RUCDR Infinite Biologics.