Subsequent Year Curriculum


Students who join the CMP Graduate Program take a mandatory course entitled Principles of Drug Action and Targeting (3 credits), one of three introductory statistics courses offered on campus (3 credits), as well as four of the six seminar courses offered by the CMP Graduate Program (2 credits each). For a list of course offerings, please click here. Students may take additional relevant courses after consultation with their research advisors. Students participating in the specialized Concentration in Cancer Biology follow a slightly different path, as specified here.

Each student must pass the oral qualifying exam before the end of the second year. Every year thereafter, each student must meet with a research advisory committee to monitor progress toward the PhD degree.

After the first year, all students in the CMP Graduate Program must present their research progress once a year in the Graduate Student Research Seminar (aka Progress Reports, 16:718:685, 0 credit). The Graduate Student Research Seminar brings together students from all of the Graduate Programs in Molecular Biosciences on a weekly basis to learn about the science conducted by their colleagues. As a speaker, the opportunity to present in a friendly and constructive environment is a great way to prepare for delivering presentations at regional and national scientific meetings, or to a prospective post-doc advisor or employer. Audience members learn about the science, approaches, techniques and ideas of their fellow students. Thesis advisors are expected to attend and students are strongly encouraged to invite members of their thesis committees to their talks.

Numerous additional scientific seminars are presented across the Rutgers and RWJMS campuses.  

Current Seminar Schedule