CMP Courses

Title: Principles of Drug Action and Targeting (Required Core Course)
Course number: 16:718:680
Director: Chen
Credits: 3
Schedule: Offered every fall semester
Description: This course provides a comprehensive overview of basic principles in pharmacology, representative drug classes and their targets, clinical drug evaluation, experimental therapeutics and drug development.
Note: This course is required.

Title: Graduate Student Research Seminar (Required of all students in 2nd year and above)
Course Number: 16:695:600
Director: Padgett and Walworth
Credits: 0
Schedule: Offered every semester
Description: Students present their work once each year (after year two), providing the opportunity to reflect on their progress and practice public speaking to a broad scientific audience. Students in the audience are exposed to the array of techniques and approaches used by their colleagues, and have the opportunity to ask questions in a comfortable environment.

Title: Genomics in Cancer Therapeutics (Elective)
Course Number: 16:718:603
Directors: Sabaawy and Pine
Credits: 3
Schedule: Spring semester of even years (2016, 2018...)
Description: This course focuses on the latest development in personalized cancer therapy and implementation of genomic and precision medicine approaches. A literature-based seminar course combined with patient-oriented bioinformatics and hospital sessions focused on illustrating how cancer patients are diagnosed and treatments are established. The range of topics covered includes tumor heterogeneity, resistance mechanisms in tumors, and targeted therapies against deregulated genomic stability, cancer metabolism and cancer stem cells.

Title: Ethical Scientific Conduct Refresher (Required of 5th year graduate students and MD/PhD students in 3rd year of PhD)
Course Number: 16:115:558
Director: Alder
Credits: 0
Schedule: Spring
Description: This is a case-based course that reviews the most important topics in Responsible Conduct of Research. It complies with NIH requirements.

2-credit Seminar Courses

Title: Drug-Target Interactions (Chromatin and Chromosomes)
Course number: 16:718:605
Instructors: Gartenberg and Gu
Schedule: (every three years starting in Spring 2016)
Description: A literature-based seminar course focused on the latest developments in discoveries in chromatin and chromosomes with emphasis on pharmaceutical applications.

Title: Hormones and Their Receptors
Course number: 16:718:581
Instructors: Chen and Fondell
Schedule: (every three years starting in Fall 2016)
Description: A literature-based seminar course focused on the latest discoveries in mechanisms of hormone actions and their receptors at both cellular and molecular levels.

Title: Cancer Pharmacology
Course number: 16:718:600
Instructors: Jin
Schedule: (every three years starting in Spring 2017)
Description: A literature-based seminar course focused on new molecular targets for anticancer agents.

Title: Signal Transduction
Course number: 16:718:575
Instructors: Ryazanov
Schedule: (every three years starting in Fall 2017)
Description: This is a literature-based seminar course focused on key discoveries in the field of intracellular signal transduction.

Title: Molecular Response to Therapeutic DNA Damage
Course number: 16:718:584
Instructors: Xia and Shen
Schedule: (every three years starting in Spring 2018)
Description: This is a literature-based seminar course focused on aspects of DNA repair, recombination, and replication as they relate to pharmacological intervention.

Title: Genetics in Pharmacology
Course number: 16:718:601
Instructors: Walworth and Lobel
Schedule: (every three years starting in Fall 2018)
Description: This is a literature-based seminar course focused on the intersection of genetics and pharmacology with regard to identification of drug targets, development of drugs, and drug response.

3-credit Statistics courses (One of the following is required)

Title: Statistics in Biomedical Sciences
Course number: 16:115:557
Instructor: Kuo
Schedule: Fall
Description: TBA

Title: Interdisciplinary Biostatistics Research Training for Molecular and Cellular Sciences: Enhancing Rigor and Reproducibility
Course number: 16:125:578
Instructor: Foty and Yarmush
Schedule: Spring
Description: This biostatistics course is taught by bench scientists with a strong foundation in data analysis. The course is specifically tailored to the molecular, cellular, and tissue biotechnology and bioengineering data commonly generated by graduate students in cell biology and bioengineering.

Title: Statistical Theory for Research Workers
Course number: 16:960:501
Instructor: Kolassa
Schedule: Spring
Description: This course introduces elementary statistical methods for graduate students in the biological sciences, without covering issues involving human subjects.