PIB MS Program

The Physiology and Integrative Biology Graduate Program offers MS, in addition to PhD, to meet the needs of students with particular interests. The MS Program offers cellular, molecular and system level coursework and outstanding research opportunities, which are designed to strengthen the foundation of individuals with an interest in pursuing a career in biomedical and biotech research or future studies towards a doctoral degree.

The MS program includes advanced course work and intensive laboratory investigation in a mentored environment with a final written thesis. Students are required to take two physiology courses offered by the PIB and the "Ethical Scientific Conduct" course. There are a number of elective courses for students to choose, depending on their academic background, personal interests and research needs. Students can choose their research focus from a wide array of research areas represented within the PIB program.

A minimum of 30 credits is required for the MS degree, consisting of both course and laboratory trainings. The MS program usually takes two years to complete. However, to accommodate students with different backgrounds, the program offers a flexible schedule, and allows up to 3 years for completion.

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