Almin Lalani

Almin Lalani is a post doc at the National Cancer Institute.

Tamjeed Saleh

Tamjeed Saleh is a Research Lab Specialist at St. Judes Research

Mehul Vora

Mehul Vora is a Research Associate at the Waksman Institute at Rutgers University.

Addi Fadel

Addi Fadel is Senior Director at Global Fine Fragrance Technologies & Business Development at Firmenich.

Fei Wang

Fei Wang is a data scientist at Gartner.

Andrew L'Huillier

Andrew L'Huillier is Director of Product Development at Americord Registry.

Gizem Uzunbas

Gizem Uzunbas is a post doc at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard University.

Christopher Mozdzierz

Christopher Mozdzierz is Director of Next-Generation Sequencing at Genewiz.

Mansha Seth Pasricha

Mansha Seth Pasricha is a post doc and part time lecturer at Rutgers University.

Hanif Vahedian Movahed

Hanif Vahedian Movahed is a post doc at Harvard.

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski

Przemyslaw Swiatkowski is a Post-Doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Yan Yan

Yan Yan is Project Manager at SinoScript.

Andrew Nato

Andrew Nato is an Assistant Professor at Marshall University.

Aditi Dubey

Aditi Dubey is a post doc at NYU.

John Campor

John Campor is Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Research Laboratories.

Melvili Cintron

Melvili Cintron is a Clinical Microbiology Fellow at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Jennifer Hurley

Jennifer Hurley is an Assistant Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Huanyu Jin

Huanyu Jin is Director of Business Development at ACM Global Laboratories

Ania Knapinska

Ania Knapinska is Associate Director & Research Professor, Center of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Florida Atlantic University.

Sameera Kongara

Sameera Kongara is a post doc at UCSF.

Xinxing Qiu

Xinxing Qiu is a Software Engineer at Google.

Vamsi Rani

Vamsi Rani is an associate at TerViva.

Patricia Irizarry

Patricia Irizarry is a Director of Outreach and Assistant Professor at Rutgers University.

Jake Jacobs

Jake Jacobs is Manager of Microbiology Development at Troy Corporation.

Falshruti Patel

Falshruti Patel is Director of Operations & Technical Services at Genosity.

Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez is Director of Research & Development at Signum Biosciences.

Tanya Borsuk

Tanya Borsuk is Director of Business & Development Strategy at Celgene.

Jimin Zhang

Jimin Zhang is Senior Scientist at Insmed, Inc.

Nadine Soplop

Nadine Soplop is a Research Support Specialist in the Electron Microscopy Research Center at Rockefeller University.

Kwang Hwei Low

Kwang Hwei Low is a post doc at the MD Anderson Cancer Center.