Almin Lalani

Almin Lalani is a post doc at the National Cancer Institute.

Prakhar Mishra

Prakhar Mishra is an Associate Scientist at Smithers Pharmaceutical Developmental Services.

Yelena Bernadskaya

Yelena Bernadskaya is a post doc at NYU.

Sarah Misenko

Sarah Misenko is Investigator of BioAsset Management at GlaxoSmithKline, where she has also joined the Women Leaders Program.

Malavika Gupta

Malavika Gupta is a post doc at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Divya Nandakumar

Divya Nandakumar is a post doc at UC Berkeley.

Philip Tedeschi

Philip Tedeschi is a Senior Scientist at Pfizer.

Donglei Zhang

Donglei Zhang is a post doc at the University of Chicago.

Shan Wan

Shan Wan is a Senior Licensing Manager at Rutgers University.

Aramis Villafane

Aramis Villafane is an Assistant Professor at University of Puerto Rico-Humacao.

Mai Soliman

Mai Soliman is a science teacher at Northern Valley Regional High School.

Christopher Mozdzierz

Christopher Mozdzierz is Director of Next-Generation Sequencing at Genewiz.

Hamidah Raduwan

Hamidah Raduwan is a research scientist at L2 Diagnostics.

Katia Sutyak Noll

Katia Sutyak Noll is Director of Global Food Safety & Quality Risk Management at Subway.

Samantha Yost

Samantha Yost is a scientist at REGENXBIO Inc.

Frank Macabenta

Frank Macabenta is a post doc at Caltech.

Leia Novak

Leia Novak is HIV/AIDS Scientific Program Manager at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres

Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres is an International Sales Specialist at USA Scientific.

Andoria Tjondro

Andoria Tjondro is Regulatory Affairs Associate at MedPace.

Jessica McCormick-Ell

Jessica McCormick-Ell is a Biosafety Officer at Rutgers University.

Christal Lewis

Christal Lewis is a toxicologist at Avon.

Nadine Soplop

Nadine Soplop is a Research Support Specialist in the Electron Microscopy Research Center at Rockefeller University.

Yuanchao Zhang

Yuanchao Zhang is a post doc at University of Pennsylvania.

Juan Collantes

Juan Collantes is a post doc at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Shanique Edwards

Shanique Edwards is a post doc at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Chen Liang

Chen Liang is a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group-BCG in Shanghai, China.

Elyse Rodgers-Vieira

Elyse Rodgers-Vieira is an IT Business Partner at BASF.

Janet Wangari-Talbot

Janet Wangari-Talbot is Manager, Clinical Innovations at L'Oreal.

Lorenz Loyola

Lorenz Loyola is a medical writer at Wedgewood Communications.

Hsin-Yi Chen

Hsin-Yi Chen is a post doc at the Wistar Institute.