Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student Organization

Movie Night

The Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student Organization (MBGSO formerly JMBGSA) comprises Rutgers University students enrolled in the Graduate Programs in Molecular Biosciences through either the School of Graduate Studies. MBGSO seeks to promote interaction amongst students as well as between students and faculty. We achieve this goal by organizing professional events such as symposiums and guest lectures, and social events like the annual barbecue and student/faculty mixers.

As an autonomous student-run organization, we are the voice for our graduate student body. More importantly, we are here to help make your graduate school experience a positive and rewarding one.



2021-2022 MBGSO Executive Committee:

President: Kyle Nunn
Vice President: Muhammad Usama Tariq
Treasurer: Paul Kraycer
Secretary: Pradeep Moon Gunsekaran
Faculty Advisor: Janet Alder


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