MBGSO Annual Symposium

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The Annual Graduate Student Symposium provides ALL Rutgers life science students from any graduate program a venue to showcase their cutting edge work by means of oral and poster presentations. In addition, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain exposure to the research done in various areas of life sciences on our campus.

This year's symposium was held on Friday March 29, 2019 and you can see the agenda and flyer by clicking here. The syposium took place at the Rutgers Life Sciences Atrium, Busch Campus from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The keynote speaker was Frank Malinoski, MD PhD who is an alumna of Rutgers and is currently the President of TD Consultancy.

This year, scientists from local pharma companies attended the symposium for networking and helped judge posters. The pharma employees signed non-disclosure agreements so presenting unpublished findings was not a concern.

Registration for the 2020 symposium will open in January 2020. This is also the site where you can submit an abstract for an oral presentation or poster. Everyone attending the symposium including students, faculty and postdocs must register in order to receive lunch.

Abstract Preparation Guidelines:

Enter the title of your abstract in initial caps. Abbreviations that are not commonly known should be spelled out in full at first mention.

Each abstract is expected to contain a sentence stating the study objective (unless given in the title); a brief statement of methods, if pertinent; a summary of the results obtained; a statement of the conclusions; and the source of research support on the bottom line. The abstract should be 250 words.

Please provide the names for all your co-authors.

Abstract Submission Guidelines:

All abstracts must be submitted by date TBD. Please indicate your preference for oral or poster presentation. Abstracts not selected for oral presentation will automatically be considered for poster presentation.


There are awards for the top oral and poster presentations.

The winners for the 2019 poster and oral presentation were:

Poster presentations:

1st: Brandon Schweibenz

2nd: Jeffrey Yang

3rd: Jennifer Schaefer


Oral presentations:

1st: Juliet Gardiner

2nd: Agata Krzyzanowska

3rd: Lauren Chukrallah