Q: is the gre test required in order to apply?

We no longer require the GRE test.


 Q: what is the minimum test of english as a forein language ("toefl") score per section?

The minimum IBT-internet based TOEFL is Writing 22, Speaking 23, Reading 21, Listening 17.   However, an acceptable score is above 100. 

TOFEL scores are valid for two years and should not expire before the December 1 application deadline.


q: do you accept the international english language test system ("ielts")?   What is the minimum ielts score that is accepted?

Yes.  An acceptable IELTS score is Bandwith 7.

IELTS scores are valid for two years and should not expire before the December 1 application deadline.


q: do you accept Duolingo English test scores?   

No.  Only a TOEFL or IELTS is accepted.


 Q: May I request a toefl/ielts waiver?

You are exempt from submitting a TOEFL or IELTS score if you are a Permanent Resident, US citizen, or an international applicant with a minimum of three years undergraduate or masters degree studies with the mode of instruction being English.


 q: can i submit my application before submitting scores and other credentials?

Yes.  Once you are assigned an RU id #, you'll be able to return to your online application to upload additional credentials.  Your application can be reviewed by the Admissions Committee only when all of your credentials have been received in a timely manner.


Q: Do you need to secure an advisor before applying?

No.  Admitted students are assigned a temporary academic advisor for the first year. At the end of the first year, after having completed 3 lab rotations, is when students choose a thesis advisor.


q: do you give preference to applicants who have a masters degree?

Having prior research experience gives you a definite advantage when applying, whether you have a BS or MS degree.


q: i have a 3 year bachelor's degree .  am i eligible to apply to your phd program?

You cannot apply with a 3 year bachelor's degree.  Most applicants with 3 year undergraduate degrees have completed a Masters degree or an additional year's study in a certificate program or the equivalent.  An additional year of study or research experience would strengthen your application for our PhD program.


Q:  If I attach some credentials, can you give me an idea of how likely it is that I will be admitted?

No. We receive hundreds of applications for very few slots, and are unable to do a pre-review of credentials in the absence of a complete application and all credentials.


Q: Do you hold an open house for students to find out about the program?

Our Program sends faculty and student representatives to various admissions fairs throughout the US.


Q: How many international students apply and are admitted?

The number of international and domestic applications varies from year to year. Our Admissions Committee selects applicants of highest quality for admission, whether they are US citizens or foreign applicants.


Q: How many years does it take to complete the PhD Program?

Most of our students finish within 5 or 6 years.


Q:  Can I transfer in credits from my MS degree to use toward my PhD?

Students may apply for transfer credit after they have completed the first year of study in our program.